New Games Launched for those living with dementia and learning disabilities

6 new Tovertafel games were launched at the Care Show 2018. Our little friend Sandy helped to introduce the new Puppies game and was an absolute star!

Here’s a quick introduction to each.

Bird Feeder – Tovertafel Original

Let the outdoors in and feed the birds that land on the table.

Roll the bird feed balls across the table and between players. Hear the twittering birds as they move around the table finding the seeds. This game evokes memories of a time gone by. If you’re careful, the birds will sit still and let you pet them.

Tip: For an extra playful touch, spread the seeds across the table with your hands.

Sheet Music – Tovertafel Original

Reveal musical pieces together by touching as many musical notes as possible.

The Sheet Music game encourages players to make music together as musical notes dance across the table. When players touch the notes, a familiar melody is played. This gives players the sense of making the music themselves without any wrong notes being played. Play, sing or hum: everyone can participate. A great game to get everyone in the room playing (or singing) along. 

Tip: Place both hands on the sheet of music and play it like a piano.

Puppies – Tovertafel Up (also available for Tovertafel Original upon request)

Fetch! Three puppies gambol across the table and fetch your ball.

Animals stimulate interaction between players and create positive emotions. The familiar sounds and playful nature of the dogs naturally invite the players to interact. A very firm favourite with everyone at the Care Show 2018.

Tip: Coax a puppy to come towards you by moving at the table’s edge.

Colour Pop – Tovertafel Up

Touch the bubbles and watch them burst into a magical dust cloud.

The Colour Pop game is about activation. The bright and clear colours matched with sound, challenges players to move, and is also fun to watch. The colourful display helps to make players alert and rewards players with a beautiful rainbow bubble!

Tip: Ask players if they recognise the colours of the bubbles and to say them aloud before they burst.

Rainbow – Tovertafel Up

Relax by conjuring up colour, sound and stars.

This game is aimed at relaxation. The colours of the rainbow invite players to move across the playing surface. Every movement creates a symphony of sensory stimulation: sound, colour and glowing stars. The players personally create a magical experience, as big or small as desired.

Tip: Play on a mat on the floor and use your entire body.

Instrument Pairs – Tovertafel Up

Match the musical instruments and discover the corresponding sounds.

The Instrument Pairs game is all about teamwork. The game motivates players to work together and point out the moving instruments to each other. Of course, a bit of healthy competition is never a bad thing! For every correct match, the players are rewarded with the sound of the instrument.

Tip: This game can be used as a opportunity to explore other instruments players may play or enjoy. Add them to the game!

You can read about all of our games for Tovertafel Original here (for those living with mid-to-late stage dementia) and Tovertafel Up here (for those with learning disabilities and autism).

You can order these new games or get a one month free trial (internet connected Tovertafel only) by contacting us on