• Abbotswood Court Team, Romsey, Hampshire

    We feel very fortunate to have the Magic Table available for our residents, the look on their faces is heartwarming and the interaction it creates between them and their families or our carers is indeed magical.
  • Lisa de Jong, Tovertafel-buddy

    The Tovertafel UP is amazing and I enjoy every minute I spend with the players. Sometime ago I arrived at the care centre and a lady called out: “There’s that woman again, the one who can do magic!” Enthusiasm, anger, and activity all find an outlet when people play with the Tovertafel and that makes it unique.
  • Monique van Wijk, PIMD carer, Philadelphia Zorg

    The clients think it’s amazing. It is so touching to see a client who would normally be reading a book or colouring and then see them come out of their shell. That moves me.
  • Connie Schellekens, carer at Stichting Prisma

    The Tovertafel creates action. It touches each client, whether they are actively playing along or enjoying the hubbub from a distance.
  • Jara Kort, intern Philadelphia Zorg

    We are constantly playing together, where one client encourages the other to keep playing the game.
  • Vera Moksietskie, Zozijn

    With the Tovertafel UP, we truly reach all of our clients. It is immensely difficult to come up with meaningful ways to activate clients with profound intellectual disabilities, but the Tovertafel is an enormous success. Our clients’ reactions, the simple assembly, its ease of use, and the astonishingly extensive service makes us all incredibly enthusiastic!
  • Nienke Holst - Careyn

    Residents really enjoy the moment. The Tovertafel creates a means of communicating for residents that otherwise have difficulties with understanding each other.
  • Ellen Slagter – Care centre Rosengaerde

    We are very enthusiastic about the Tovertafel. We use it in three of our living rooms and everywhere we see people becoming active who otherwise would have stayed seated. It creates a connection between people and creates a wonderful atmosphere.
  • José van Gement – Care home de Weegbree

    I would recommend the Tovertafel to everyone. It keeps our residents alert; they are not just sitting at a table, but are stimulated in a good way.
  • Laurent de Vries, Viattence

    With the Tovertafel, elderly are activated and stimulated, both in body and mind.
  • Laura Marabello, teacher The Learning Center, Florida

    The interactive projections keep children interested over a longer period. They are not hidden away in their own little world, but truly talk and play together with others. That is so wonderful, I haven’t seen that in quite some time.
  • Inge Meulepas, play therapist at De Vuurtoren (Lunet zorg)

    With the Tovertafel, children get to practice several skills as well as experience success in multiple development areas. It is amazing to see how the Tovertafel Unique gives them so much joy and visibly improves their self-confidence.
  • Dave Stevens, Chief Executive - Dementia Care

    A couple of people that are usually difficult to engage for any length of time quite happily played for 30 minutes to an hour. What was fantastic was that at one point there were 6 people with dementia all playing together without any care staff actually sat at the table! Our care staff are not particularly technical, but the system is so easy to use that they got it straight away and were confident to use it.
  • Inge Meulepas, play therapist at De Vuurtoren (Lunet zorg)

    With this approach, we study the games from several points of view and with expertise from multiple fields. Where the one is really looking at whether the children are having fun, another looks at the learning aims of the games. Those points of view come together in a complete product. It is a lot of fun to get to work together with so many enthusiastic and involved people!
  • Sonja Verhoren, De Maaskei

    In a playful way, the Tovertafel teaches children social skills and how to use these in everyday life. The natural context and heightened level of activity create better awareness which further aids the learning process.
  • Jennifer Fuchs, speech therapist at The Learning Center, Florida

    The visualisations on the table and the moving, interactive light projections that the children can touch together increase the shared attention and interaction between the children.
  • Care UK

    “Our first demonstration of the Tovertafel was a mind-blowing experience. Residents who were usually withdrawn and uncommunicative were suddenly animated and engaged. The home was buzzing with excitement and care teams were bringing residents from all over the building to ensure everyone had a turn. One of our most experienced home managers described it as a true highlight in her long career in care."
  • Lisanne

    I think the Tovertafel is really beneficial because it makes the residents happy and strengthens their feeling of being in a group!
  • Rita Tummers

    The Tovertafel ensures that my mum and I do more active things. Nothing can go wrong in the games; it's simply loads of fun! That motivates her to keep playing.
  • Joke Bijl

    My best experience was when I took a woman to the Tovertafel who always wants to sleep. She really liked it! I realised it was still possible to get her to move.